Home Style Irish blogger receives backlash after buying her first ever Chanel

Irish blogger receives backlash after buying her first ever Chanel

Irish blogger Erika Fox aka Retro Flame has revealed she has received nasty comments over her most recent designer purchase.

The Kerry girl is just back from a girls trip to Vegas, and while on the trip she decided to buy her first ever Chanel product, to celebrate her 25th Birthday.

Since sharing her visit to the luxury shop, Erika revealed some of her snapchat followers didn’t seem to happy with her.


Treat: Erika has yet to show off her purchase

Erika told her followers on snapchat that she will show them her new purchase but she was a little taken aback with nasty coments.

“You’ll have seen I got something in Vegas in the Chanel store, I bought something that I have been saving up for for like the last year,” she said on the social media platform.

“The exact one I wanted, I saw it in the Chanel store in Vegas and they weren’t sure if they had it in the Manhattan store so I just like bit the bullet and bought it.

“I’m just a little bit worried to show you I guess, when I put up the snap of me in the Chanel store getting it I got some like pretty kinda mean comments back,” she added.


“I get it that designer isn’t for everyone, it’s not everyones cup of tea but I promise you I have saved for this purchase.

“I didn’t walk into that store out of the blue being like hey I’ll take that one over there in the corner – I wish.”

Even after receiving hateful snaps, Erika said she won’t be focusing on the negative, and thanked her loyal followers for being kind.

“I’m not about the hate on retro flame, I’m not about negativity.

“So many of you have been so nice,” she said.

We can’t wait to see you unboxing this one…


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