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EXCLUSIVE! Celia Holman Lee: 'Shauna Lindsay wasn't happy with the Conor Murray exposure'


Model boss Celia Holma-Lee has weighed in on Shauna Lindsay making headlines with her rumoured romance with rugby star Conor Murray.

Brunette beauty Shauna landed in the spotlight after being linked to Munster star Conor and was reported to have been dating him for a number of months before Goss.ie revealed the model was back on the market in March.

Speaking to Goss.ie, the renowned style star formerly represented the model in Limerick and insisted 21-year-old Shauna wasn’t keen on the public commentary of her relationship.

“She’s a strong person. I know myself she wasn’t too happy with the exposure but she has worked through it and she’s back doing work. That’s all you can do,” she said.

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eScript: Celia Holman Lee launched a new electronic prescription notification service| NAOISE CULHANE

Speaking at the launch of eScript, a new electronic prescription notification service, Celia insisted she believes Shauna has what it takes to become a success in Ireland but has to understand the media interest.

“I think she’ll do well, she’s a good kid – she wants it. She’s beautiful and she wants this life but you have to take the other side of it as well. That’s life, you just have to take it,” she explained.

“Those who rise to the top of the cream are those who can take it – those who keep going, just keep ignoring it and keep rising to the top.

“I think she has what it takes. She’s a beautiful girl and she works hard,” she admitted.

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Launch: Celia was on hand to launch a new Irish electronic prescription notification service| NAOISE CULHANE

“So if she continues with that [positive] attitude to her work, to her life and to the press then she should get there.

“She’s has to take whatever it takes in this industry,” she added.

Reflecting on her own experiences, the glamorous fashionista admitted she’s gone through her own fair share of woes but has got through it and isn’t shy of sharing her sage advice with others.

“I’ve taken it all my life and you just have to be strong enough. If you’re not happy with it then walk past it and wait for the next ship. It comes in leaps and bounds or not at all,” she insisted.

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