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The 10 Best Pieces From The Kylie Shop

The online shop opens on December 10th


Kylie Jenner has taken 2016 by storm – from the booming success of her cosmetics line to her ever-changing hair, the mini mogul has had a hugely successful year.

Now, the reality star is making use of her fame and is set to launch an online store for her fans to snag some statement products of hers.

These include t-shirts and buttons with her face on them as well as phone covers featuring her cosmetics line’s logo – her lips.

Kylie first teased The Kylie Shop when she created the Instagram account for the online store, and it has already gained a mammoth amount of followers in just a few weeks.

If you’re a fan of the 19-year-old and can’t wait to get your hands on her merchandise, here are the 10 best pieces from her store – and you can buy them yourself online from December 10th HERE.

1. Kylie Panties


One of the first pieces to be revealed on the shop’s Instagram was two pairs of sexy underwear in black and white.

The underwear features a lace trim and a print of Kylie Cosmetics signature logo – her lips.

The only downside is that the lace trim thong comes in just one size.

2. Kylie T-Shirt


Kylie is known for her scandalous outfits – so it’s no surprise she posed in lacy underwear for her store’s t-shirts.

Wearing a red bra and a shiny silver wig, the tanned American’s saucy photo is stamped onto a regular fit tee.

No doubt this will look stunning made into a crop top with a pair of her sister Khloe Kardashian’s Good American jeans.

3. Kylie Bomber Jacket


One of fashion’s favourite style pieces of 2016 has been the bomber jacket – and clearly Kylie knows it.

The reality star has created a gorge black bomber that features her statement lip logo on the back in grey.

The mini mogul herself would rock this jacket over one of her oversized t-shirts from the store or even perhaps with a pair of jeans and her gorgeous sports bra from her store.

4. Kylie Sports Set


One of the pieces that are sure to sell out fast is Kylie’s sports set.

Featuring a sports bra and high rise underwear, the black set is one Kylie herself has already rocked to show her fans just how sexy it is.

To make things even sexier, the beauty guru’s name is stamped on the rear of the underwear and on top of the bust.

5. Kylie And Kendall T-Shirt


Kylie made sure to include her model sister Kendall into her new clothing line – and this shout-out is a very funny dig.

“I’m the Kylie, you’re the Kendall,” the distressed t-shirt reads, a style that has taken over 2016.

The style was first introduced globally by her sister Kim Kardashian’s husband Kanye who’s fashion line, Yeezy, first inspired the trend.

6. Kylie’s Iconic New Years Resolution T-Shirt


2016 was the year that Kylie totally, like, realised stuff – and realised how much money she can make from her hilarious blunders.

In January 2016, the 19-year-old uploaded short video to her YouTube channel where she opened up about her new year plans and how 2016 will be the year of “like, realising stuff.”

Now, her hilarious quote is immortalised in one of her t-shirts from her online store for everyone to remember.

7. Kylie Calendar


Kylie announced in early December this year that she will be publishing a calendar – and it’s very risqué.

Shot by Terry Richardson, the beauty guru has revealed only a few shots from the calendar including her wearing a wet shite t-shirt and a snake crawling across her back.

For her fans, they can now joyfully unveil a new raunchy photo of Kylie every month in 2017.

8. Kylie And Tyga Boyfriend T-Shirt


There are a host of t-shirts available from Kylie’s online store – and this orange tee is a very special one.

Earlier this year, the American posed in a very sexy photoshoot with her boyfriend Tyga in a series of topless shots.

Now, she’s added one of those saucy photos to her clothing line in a photo printed on the chest of the t-shirt which shows the 19-year-old on top of the musician in a pair of jeans.

9. Kylie Lips Trucker Hat


For something more understated and for all genders, Kylie’s store will have some very cool and basic trucker hats for her shoppers.

In just plain black, the caps have a stiff peak and opaque black front with her signature lips logo on the front.

The rest of the hat will keep you cool even in the summer with mesh panelling and an adjustable back.

10. Kylie Phone Cover


Finally, Kylie’s phone covers will be available to buy online, and these are sure to sell out.

The site will have a selection of four styles – but the most popular will no doubt be the Kylie Jenner Lips in black.

She also will have two covers both featuring her cosmetics line logo in two different variations that are sure to be a massive hit.