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The Top Online Personal Trainers To Get You In Shape For Summer 2021

These PTs are here to offer their expertise!

Summer is here, and it is the perfect time to get fit and motivated.

We have rounded up the top online personal trainers who can help you to achieve your specific body goals and build your confidence.

Take a look:

1. Ian Keohan 

Ian Keohan’s coaching business has been up and running two years now, and it has been pretty exclusive from the very beginning. 

His coaching functions through an online coaching platform on his website. He is coaching 150+ people from all over the world – including Ireland, England, Dubai, Australia, Canada and the US.

Ian helps people feel and look great by giving them correct guidance in exercise, nutrition and lifestyle choices. His primary focus is to not only help unsatisfied people achieve their dream body but in addition, he helps them build a strong and unstoppable mindset.

His website is known for selling out it’s vacancies in under two minutes every time it goes live. He has recently opened up a private gym by the name of ‘Alpha Fitness’ too which is booming. 

Over the last two years, Ian has helped many people and have lots of success stories that can be seen on his Instagram account.

Check him out online:




2. DFitNutrition

DFitNutrition is a private fitness and personal training studio based in Tipperary which was set up in late 2019. Dolores, who owns the studo, also offers online training/gym programs and both nutrition and macro plans.

Dolores is 43-years-old and started training 10 years ago. She has been on both a weight loss and weight gain journey so can relate to each client who she works with. She has a passion for weight training and is now helping others to achieve a healthy/strong body both physically and mentally.

Dolores’s clientele ranges from the age of 17 to 72. She is a firm believer in teaching others to adapt a healthy lifestyle through eating healthier but also having balance and enjoying to nicer things in life. She is a massive advocate of weight training and believes everyone should start a weight training journey as it has massive benefits.


She offers online nutrition and macro plans based on each client. She has qualified as Nutrition Coach in 2014 and also as an Exercise Nutrition Coach with Precision Nutrition in January 2021. She has an offer of online 12 x week nutrition program with a free 1-month home or gym workout.

Check her out online:




3. Larry Doyle

With over 25,000 hours of hands on, personal training and online coaching experience, spanning 17 years, award winning personal trainer Larry Doyle has encountered almost every challenge that the real world individual faces.

He has successfully coached thousands of men and women, just like you, from all walks of life to their goals. In a world of conflicting opinions, low morals and misinformation, Larry’s passion is to create real world, bulls*** free solutions to these challenges.

Larry’s ethos is simple – Less complication. Communicate in simple every day terms, understand the individuals needs and provide a clear path to their goal in a healthy manner.

The Affilaite is the culmination of Larry’s experience, a programme aimed at those who are frustrated , confused and lacking a clear path on their health and fitness journey. Its the last “plan” you’ll ever need. 

A non believer in quick fixes , this is the solution for the real world person and the day to day challenges they face. All for €1 per day. 




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