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Yvonne Keating can never trust a man to be faithful again after Ronan's affair

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Yvonne Keating has revealed she can never trust a man of being faithful after ex-husband Ronan Keating cheated on her.

The former model – who is in “the best relationship” she’s ever had with film maker John Conroy – has now vowed that she will never get married again.

She added: “I don’t look at men and go, ‘Oh, you’re all like that.’ I absolutely don’t at all, because woman can do it as well. So I am not cynical like that.

“Do I trust again? Mmmm. I suppose I don’t, but I don’t get hung up on it.

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“I kind of think: if I was in a relationship and someone cheated on me, well, that is going to happen whether… you know, I can’t do anything about that. So all you can try and do is enjoy the relationship for what is it.”

The Celebrity Masterchef star’s relationship ended after the Boyzone star slept with dancer Francine Cornell on tour – and she was unable to forget.

And Yvonne – who admitted that her and Ronan went for couples therapy before their split – told the Sunday Independent she wishes he would have just told her he wanted out.

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“I think there was too much for him to lose,” she said. “Listen, like Rory McIlroy, it is not easy to do that. It is not easy to break something and hurt somebody.

“So, I suppose, some people, when they are in that situation, go, ‘I’ll just say nothing.’

“I don’t think I’ll ever put myself in a situation again where I am in a relationship where it’s not easy for someone to go.”

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Yvonne added that she has “never tried to claim” she is still friends with Ronan, adding she would “struggle” to deal with his new girlfriend Storm Uechtritz.

“What I find difficult at the moment is your kids going off to spend time with their father — which is brilliant for them and they absolutely love it — but you have got to, kind of, let go of them, because they are with somebody else,” she said.

“And it is not your best friend and it is not your mother… I still do struggle with that. And I’m sure Ronan struggles with it, too.”