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Yewande Biala opens up about ‘scary’ online dating experience

"He actually seemed like a normal person"


Yewande Biala has opened up about a scary online dating experience that has put her off using apps and websites to find love for life.

Yewande described her date with a “psycho” on the Reality Check podcast with fellow Love Islanders Amber Gill and Anna Vakili.

“I met some psycho who I went on a date with,” she said.


She described how she thought things were going well at the beginning, before the date took a turn.

“He picked me up and everything was fine, we’re having the date and I was telling him, ‘I thought you were going to be a psycho but you’re not, I’m so happy’.”

“So he was dropping me back home, got into the car – and because I live in Enfield it’s like the middle of nowhere – sat down, I was wearing a short dress and he started scratching, not rubbing, scratching my leg.”

Amber then asked: “What did you say?”

Yewande responded: “Nothing. We were just having a normal conversation. I was terrified because it could’ve went south. I had no internet because we were in the middle of nowhere. There was no-one driving on the roads, it was like a motorway.”

“If I said anything I could’ve been f**ked, do you know what I mean?”


“So I sat there patiently and then he started whispering, ‘What colour underwear are you wearing?’ That’s when I knew I was done.”

The star made it home safely, but said that nothing about her date’s social media profiles made her wary of him.

“But you don’t know somebody’s a psycho by looking at their Instagram and Facebook because he actually seemed like a normal person,” she said.