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Xpose's Peter O'Riordan forced 'vodka tonics down' his wife to initially make her like him

Peter O’Riordan has revealed he tired to “force vodka tonics” down his now wife Stephanie when they first met so he would have the guts to charm her.

The pair met in Hawaii while the Xpose presenter was on a J1 and later met again when Peter moved to LA to work for TMZ.

Speaking about their first meeting, Peter said: “I was super nervous and in that Irish way I was trying to ply myself with drink.

“So I just kept asking ‘Will you have a drink?’ Trying to force vodka tonics down her. I was just getting drunker and drunker and making a show of myself.

Peter 3

Smooth: Peter tried to give Stephanie drink when he first tried to charm her

“While she was like, ‘Who is this guy?, I can’t understand a word he’s saying!'”

The happy couple didn’t get together on first meet as Stephanie was dating someone else at the time.

However, Peter was determined not to let her get away and the pair kept in touch over social media until the 30-year-old returned to The States a few years later.

“It was always the wrong time, always missing each other like ‘Sliding Doors’. But then she was single, I was single, she was coming to LA for a while. So that was the point I was like, you know what – this could be something.”

Peter 2

Family first: Peter with wife Stephanie and their son Olivier

The Cork native also revealed that since having baby Olivier with Stephanie, family takes priority over work.

“When you have a child, for me personally, it’s the first time that I felt selfless and felt true love for someone…outside of Steph, but it’s a different kind of love,” he told RSVP Magazine.

“So everything else took second place for me and that’s my main focus. It’s always my family”.


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