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Woodie’s sweet Christmas ad set in Dublin leaves viewers in tears

This year's Christmas ads have been pulling on our heart-strings


Woodie’s have released their Christmas ad, leaving viewers in tears with the sweet message.

The heartwarming ad is set in Ebenezer Terrace in Dublin 8, following a beloved local woman named Mrs Higgins.

The elderly lady greets all of her neighbours with a smile as she leaves her house to go about her day, but has trouble with her faulty gate.

When local teenager Arron spots Mrs Higgins’ struggle, he decides to give the pillar of the community a thoughtful Christmas gift to remember.

‘We’re All Homemakers’ shares a sweet message about the importance of acts of kindness, with the DIY store putting emphasis on looking out for one another during this difficult year.

Taking to Twitter after watching the ad, viewers admitted they were left teary eyed by the message, with one user tweeting: “Just sobbing along to the Woodies Christmas ad wbu?”

Another wrote: “The Christmas ads this year wow pulling at the heart strings.”

On Friday, John Lewis finally released their highly anticipated Christmas ad, also celebrating random acts of kindness.

The Late Late Toy Show also released the trailer for Ireland’s most anticipated television show of the year on Friday.

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