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The White Moose Cafe now teach third level students

Well kind of...


The outrage marketing extraordinaire responsible for the White Moose Cafe’s online fame is now a lecturer. Pretty much.

If you want to learn from the marketing master himself, Paul V Stenson, he’s visiting colleges all over the country giving talks on outrage marketing.

Paul runs the White Moose Cafe with his partner Jason Kidd and a team of equally gas staff.

Regularly going viral for instances like ‘bloggergate’, he certainly knows what he’s talking about when teaching his unique style of marketing.

Most recently he spoke to UCC Commerce Society about his successful attempts at going viral.

“In case you hadn’t heard, I’ve started to do university talks on outrage marketing.”

“If you’d like me to come to your college or business to show you how to get worldwide publicity without spending a cent, send me an email to [email protected]

The White Moose Cafe guys are keeping busy this year and told us at the Gossies about the new show they’re working on.