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Westlife reveal the REAL reason Brian McFadden isn’t part of their reunion

Fans have been dying to know why the 38-year-old isn't joining the reunion

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Following the announcement of their reunion, Westlife have finally revealed the real reason why Brian McFadden won’t be joining them for their comeback.

The foursome appeared on RTÉ 2FM to chat to Jenny Greene this morning and the boyband have finally answered the question everyone has been asking.

When asked why the 38-year-old won’t be joining the reunion, Nicky said: “We have no hard feelings against Brian. We were always going to take off again where we left it in 2012.”

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“Brian walked away, obviously in 2004 and people forget and it sometimes hurts us a little bit, when you see the headlines that Simon Cowell wanted Brian,” he continued.

“And I’m sure it kind of hurts Brian as well,” Jenny added.

“Of course, because we never fell out with Brian and none of those things. But, we did nine-and-a-half years without him and we genuinely have no ill-feelings towards Brian and sometimes press and stuff, and all of these stories don’t help the relationship because there is no ill-feeling from either way,” Nicky said.

“You see that from his tweet the other night and we genuinely wish him all the best. But we’re taking Westlife now, off from where we left it.”

“That’s probably the best way to describe it. We were a band twice as long without Brian before we split up. We were together about eight years as a four-piece and I think we’re nearly seven years now apart as a four-piece,” Mark added.

“So, there’s only one band for us in our minds and it’s nothing bad towards Brian, but that’s how we genuinely feel in our hearts. It would be weird if it wasn’t and if it was another way.”

Mark went on to explain that they only think of Westlife as having four-members, rather than that they’re missing Brian.

“We don’t look at Westlife now, as four of us minus one. But four of us is Westlife and that’s the way it’s been since Brian left.”


“When Brian left it was very difficult for us and we kind of thought but the rule book kind of says this is the beginning of the end, because that’s what kind of happens a lot when someone leaves a pop band,” he continued.

“So, it was very tough and then we had to sort of find our strength and we had to regroup as a four and re-bond. Everything went great and it was fantastic, but that’s not something that you go through lightly and it’s not something that could be reversed either. So, that’s kind of where it’s at.”

Westlife are set to mark their comeback with a U.K. and Ireland tour next summer, ending with a huge concert in Croke Park on 5th July.