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WATCH: Colin Farrell shares hilarious anecdote about Donald Sutherland at awards ceremony

He had the whole audience laughing!


An awards ceremony in honour of Hollywood actor Donald Sutherland was held over the weekend, during which he was presented with an ‘Honorary Award’ from the Academy.

The 82-year-old actor has never won an Oscar, which would come as a surprise to many, given the amount of famous films he’s starred in over the years.

His filmography includes The Hunger Games series, Pride and Prejudice, The Italian Job, MASH, Ordinary People, Six Degrees of Separation and The Dirty Dozen.

Dozens speaking at the ceremony praised and applauded  Donald’s incredible acting career which spans over five decades, mentioning how inspirational he was to them and someone that younger generations could aspire to be like.


However, one speaker in particular decided to stray from the usual commendation speech momentarily as he shared a story about the first time he met the Canadian actor – and the audience were left in stitches

Ireland’s own Colin Farrell spoke about his first encounter with the legendary actor when they both worked together on the 2006 film Ask the Dust.

“We were shooting a film, or we were rehearsing or about to start rehearsing.  I was in a car park at a makeshift production office and I looked over and saw the man and, like can happen sometimes when we’re familiar with people’s work over the years, I had a feeling that I knew him but yet I was intimidated as a result of that feeling,” he said.

“And as warm as Donald can be, he can be intimidating at times.  He has that lion-like visage and he’s got a very elegant but giant stature and I said I’m going to go over and say hello to this man and pay my respects.

“I knew I was going to be working with him so I walked over and tapped him on the elbow and he turned around and said five words to me which I’ve never forgotten to this day and I’ve carried them around with me for whatever it was, 15 years.  And he said, ‘Put out that f***ing cigarette’.

“Donald, you complete me,” he added.

Sutherland  was seen with his hands over his face so no doubt he found Collins speech as funny as the rest of us did!

Check out the full video below:


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