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WATCH: Caitriona Balfe on Outlander fans and how the show has changed her life

Caitriona Balfe had her world turned upside down when she shot to fame on Outlander – but she insists she’s still the same person.

The Irish actress was honoured at the Oscar Wilde Awards in Los Angeles on Thursday night, and spoke to LAgoss.com about being greeted by throngs of fans with banners bearing her name outside.

“No,” she said with a smile when asked if her life has changed completely. “I mean, in some ways – you have moments like that which are crazy and amazing, but in general I think it’s still the same. Sort of!”

Revealing what the fans usually ask her, Caitriona¬†said, “They want to know everything about the show. They want all the spoilers, but of course I can’t give them any.”

The event was particularly meaningful for the actress because she had attended it many years ago when she was trying to make it in the industry.

“It’s really exciting, it’s a little overwhelming,” she admitted. “I was here six years ago at the same party as a struggling actress, so it’s really nice to know that I’m here now with a job, which is great. It’s great, and I know Zach (Quinto) and Ruth (Negga) a little and it’s just a really cool night.”

Leading lady: Caitriona Balfe has become a household name thanks to Outlander | STARZ

J.J. Abrams, who hosts the ceremony at his Bad Robot studios every year, gave Caitriona her first job in LA with a small role in Super 8.

And she certainly hasn’t forgotten it, telling LAgoss.com, “It’s a very nice moment to sort of come full circle here.”

The 37-year-old, who hails from Dublin, got her start as a model and has been starring as Claire on Outlander since 2014.

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