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Vogue Williams: ‘Speculation about my love life doesn’t bother me’

The TV star was recently linked to Billie Piper's ex Laurence Fox


Vogue Williams has admitted that people speculating about her love life doesn’t bother her.

The Howth native was married to Westlife star Brian McFadden for three years before separating in 2015, and was recently linked to her pal Laurence Fox, who she met on Bear Grylls: Mission Survive.

“That speculation doesn’t bother me,” she said about the Laurence Fox romance rumours.

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Pals in reality: Vogue insists she’s only friends with Laurence | ITV

The 31-year-old admitted that her very public split from Brian McFadden has caused people to constantly speculate whenever she’s spotted with someone new – but she insists that she’s strictly single, for now.

“There’s always going to be interest in the first people I see since I’ve had a very public break-up [with Brian, in the summer of 2015], but that doesn’t bother me,” she told the Sunday Indo Life Magazine.

“And, you know, if I’m spotted out with someone well known, like Laurence, that’s going to get attention, too.

“Laurence is a really, really good friend of mine. He’s hilarious and I speak to him every week, but we’re just friends. I’m happily single.”

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Hush: The Dubliner didn’t want to talk about her ex Brian | VIPIRLELAND.COM

Speaking about her ex Brian, who recently told how the pair were no longer on speaking terms, Vogue revealed that it was the truth, and that she doesn’t want to talk about him anymore.

“It’s the truth. But I’m definitely not going to talk about him in this interview because we are taking it away from that and we’re taking it on to me.

“Relationships are funny things. That’s why I’m single and loving life.

“I’m not against relationships, but I’m not chasing one. I’ve hardly had time to see my friends, but I have been on a few dates,” she said.


Public: Vogue revealed fans have asked her intimate questions about her love life | INSTAGRAM

The former reality star also revealed that fans of hers have come up to her and asked her personal questions about her love life – but insists that it’s all part of her job.

“People ask you such weird questions, because they think they know you so intimately.

“I met a woman at a thing recently and she was asking me about my past relationship and why did it end and how did it end, and I was thinking, ‘What?!’

“But it was just that these days, with social media and Snapchat and all, people think they know you. And that’s all part of the job,” she added.