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Vogue Williams reveals whether she will EVER appear on Made in Chelsea

Vogue Williams has revealed whether she’ll ever appear on E4’s Made in Chelsea, since she’s dating one of the original cast members.

The TV presenter has been dating Spencer Matthews for a few months now, and the pair seem happier than ever.

And despite starting her career as a cast member on RTÉ reality series Fade Street back in 2010, Vogue has no interest in returning to a reality series.

When asked if she’d appear on Made in Chelsea, Vogue replied, “Absolutely not, no! Definitely not my thing.”

Reality star: Vogue is dating original Made in Chelsea cast member Spencer Matthews | E4

Although Vogue and Spencer are seriously loved-up, their busy schedules have kept them apart in recent weeks.

“I’m on the path I want to be on. I love TV, so the more I get to do that the better, but I’ve got a really packed schedule at the moment.

“It’s going really well. I’m away quite a lot so he’s good enough to come and follow me at the end of my shows and we get a few days together. We’re very busy but we do see each other as much as we can, which is nice.

Loved up: Vogue and Spencer are working to spend as much time together – despite their busy schedules | INSTAGRAM

“He’s been working hard, but it’s nice to have him back now – he’s always really busy but that’s just the nature of what we do,” she explained.

Since their relationship was made public, all eyes have been on the couple – but Vogue isn’t bothered by the fuss.

“It’s fine, we get our private time so it’s not something I really notice anymore. You can put yourself out there as much or as little as you want so we’re quite careful about that as well,” she added.

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