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Vogue Williams reveals husband Spencer Matthews has ‘disgusting’ habit that makes her ‘physically sick’

"It makes me shudder. I hate it so much..."

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Vogue Williams has revealed her husband Spencer Matthews has a “disgusting” habit that makes her feel “physically sick”.

During the latest episode of their podcast Spencer & Vogue, the mother-of-two slammed Spencer for regularly using her toothbrush.

Spencer said: “You get annoyed about really stupid things sometimes, like for example it really annoys you when I use your toothbrush.”

Vogue then replied: “Oh you’re disgusting!”

Vogue and Spencer tied the knot in 2018

Spencer explained: “We have two children together, we have sexual intercourse quite regularly, we kiss each other, we share bacteria…”

Vogue hit back: “I don’t care! I don’t want you picking the stuff out of your teeth with my toothbrush. That’s definitely one of the things I dislike about Spencer.”

“He came in the other day and he had my toothbrush shoved right in the back of his dirty, filthy molars. I realised then that he had been using my toothbrush whenever he felt like it.”

“It makes me shudder. I hate it so much,” she confessed.

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