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Vogue Williams reveals her house was BUGGED by former counter-terrorism agents

Vogue Williams has revealed that she had her house bugged and phone tapped by former counter-terrorism agents.

The presenter was investigated by ex-MI5 officials in a bid to track down her boyfriend Spencer Matthews.

The former agents were trying to locate the Made in Chelsea star as part of a celebrity version of Channel 4’s Hunted, in which people try to evade capture.

Speaking to the Irish Daily Star, Vogue said, “They had tapped my phone and bugged my house. It was crazy.”

“When Spencer agreed to do it and explained to me how extreme it was, I thought, ‘OK, this sounds a bit much. Surely we can talk to each other on the phone?'”

The model beauty had her phone tapped around the same time she faced backlash for her column in the Sunday World.

“I was paranoid about it so I didn’t really speak that much on my phone.

“But I didn’t know they’d put a bug in my house and that they were listening to what I was saying in my own home.

“They did it because if I knew where Spencer was, it would help them find him,” she revealed.

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