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Vogue Williams recalls getting ‘punched’ at Dublin gig

Vogue Williams has recalled the time she was “punched” at a gig in Dublin.

The TV presenter went to see Deadmau5 at The Point, which is now known as the 3Arena, when she got caught up in a fight between two men.

Speaking on the latest episode of My Therapist Ghosted Me, Vogue told her co-host Joanne McNally: “I got a punched at a Deadmau5 gig. Are you talking about that one in Dublin, in the Point?”

“Yeah I got punched at that. Two guys starting fighting and of course, I’d had 9,000 drinks and was like, ‘No guys, no’. And I got decked.”

“I’ve gotten punched a couple of times, mainly deserved, not that one,” she laughed.

The Howth native also admitted she had a “big fight” with her husband Spencer Matthews on the morning they recorded the podcast.

Vogue said: “I had a big fight with Spenny this morning. I literally said to him…”

“I was just making my cup of tea at half seven in the morning – I don’t know why people bother me at my best time of day – making a cup of tea at half seven this morning and he starts talking about Covid.”

“One of the worst things is when people start talking to me about Covid because I just don’t want to hear.

“He goes, ‘Well you must have an opinion on it either way’. I was like, ‘Are you seriously asking me about Covid at half seven in the morning when I told you I don’t want to talk about Covid. Get out’.”

The couple, who are expecting their third child, tied the knot back in 2018, and share two kids together – Theodore, 2, and Gigi, 1.

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They also chat about the Bennifer reunion, Avril Lavigne’s comeback, and what fashion pieces they’re seeing back in style.

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