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Vogue Williams once offered 20k to go on a DATE with someone


Vogue Williams has revealed that a fan once offered her €20,000 to go on a date with him.

The 31-year-old beauty jetted home from training for Channel 4’s The Jump to host The Gossies 2017 sponsored by Unislim on Saturday night, where she admitted that she receives some seriously bizarre propositions online.

Vogue told the Irish Sun, “I get the weirdest of messages on social media. The thing I couldn’t get over with this is the guy had a genuine profile on Instagram.

“He was a young guy and looked well off. He actually had €20,000 to go out on a date. It was tempting but absolutely not — no, I couldn’t do it.

Guests attend The Gossies 2017

Hot Date: Vogue admitted that she was once offered €20k for a date while hosting The Gossies 2017 sponsored by Unislim | VIPIRELAND.COM

“It just demonstrated to me how much the dating world had changed and that’s why I am so glad I’m out of it now,” she said.

Speaking about her love life, Vogue confirmed that she’s “definitely single” – despite being linked to Laurence Fox in recent months.

“I’ve been in relationships for 11 years so I need time on my own being single. I do date people sometimes but in the last while I’ve realised I’m happiest on my own.

“I used to hate being on my own but now I love it, and I plan on staying that way for a while.”

Guests attend The Gossies 2017

Single Lady: Vogue is more than happy to be single | VIPIRELAND.COM

Although Vogue, who was previously married to ex Westlife star Brian McFadden, plans on flying solo for a while, she did admit that she prefers Irish guys when it comes to romance.

“I definitely prefer Irish guys. The slagging and banter, the sense of humour Irish guys have with me. I like it.”

As the presenting beauty is gearing up to star in the latest series of The Jump, Vogue revealed that she had to get special insurance to appear on the notoriously dangerous reality show.

“Everybody has insurance because you’re doing an extreme sport,” she said.

vogue williams the jump

Badass: Vogue will appear on Channel 4’s The Jump in the coming weeks | YOUTUBE

“But it’s disappointing reading one article after another about the dangers of appearing in The Jump. I can ski already but we’re not allowed to go skiing on our own out in Austria. It’s all about looking after ourselves and not pushing it too far.

Despite the obvious danger of The Jump, Vogue wasn’t put off by the show at all, “We have medics and physios on the slopes looking after us. It’s done so carefully.”

“I wanted to do The Jump last year. That’s when I started talking to the producers, I was literally begging them to let me do The Jump, please, please let me do it.”

The Jump premieres next Sunday on Channel 4.