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Vogue Williams is launching a competition for diverse models

Vogue Williams took to her Instagram to announce that she is looking for a diverse range of people of model for Bare by Vogue.

The tanning mogul has opened an application for fans of the brand to reach out and apply to be the next Bare by Vogue campaign model.

“Iv’e got some very exciting news! Bare By Vogue is looking for it’s newest models,” she exclaimed on her social media.


“We’re going to be doing a campaign shoot, its gonna be somewhere sunny and amazing in Europe and it’s going to be three days during August.”

The DJ and model wants to get the people to love and use her product involved in the project.

“Basically I have loved all of your messages telling me how much you love Bare, so I want to get you guys involved.”


Vogue wants diverse models, opening the floor to people of all sizes and genders to enter.

“I want to use some of you as models, I don’t care if you’re a boy or a girl, i dont care what size you are what shape you are, anything, I just want to get you guys involved in our new campaign.”

The model and mum-of-one posted the competition details to her profile.

“I am so excited to announce that today we are beginning our search for new #BarebyVogue brand models,” she wrote.

“Chosen #BareBabes will come on an all expenses paid trip to a gorge sunny destination in Europe with me and my team to shoot some new dreamy campaign shots for @barebyvogue.”


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