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Vogue Williams forced to defend her decision to return to work – three weeks after giving birth

The presenter welcomed her second child last month

Vogue and Spencer tied the knot in 2018

Vogue Williams has been forced to defend her decision to return to work, three weeks after giving birth.

The TV presenter welcomed her second child, a daughter named Gigi, with her husband Spencer Matthews on July 22nd.

Taking to Instagram earlier today, Vogue confirmed she will be back hosting her Heart radio show this Sunday.

Unfortunately, Vogue’s post attracted some negative comments – as she later posted a statement to defend her decision.

The mother-of-two wrote: “Gonna nip this in the bud as I’ve already had mails about it. I can’t wait to go back to my radio show tomorrow, door to door it takes 4 hours meaning I miss one feed which I will pump at work.”

“Theodore and Gigi’s dad will be with them. I am with them 90% of the time and getting to go back to a job I love is brilliant.”

“I adore my children, I adore working and I’m able to do both which I am very thankful for,” Vogue added.

Last month, Vogue said she wouldn’t be taking maternity leave after the birth of her second baby.

Speaking to The Sun, the Dublin native said: “I love working at Heart and I really want to just carry on.”

“If I was in an office working nine to five I would probably want to take some time off, but I’m lucky in the way I work — I leave my house at 4.50am and I’m back by 9.20am so Spenny will be on baby duty while I go out to work.”

“I can come back home to my babies having only missed one feed,” Vogue continued. “I could bring the baby with me to do the show — they’re really good like that at Global (owners of Heart Radio) and if I wanted to they would support me doing it. But I don’t think I’ll need to.”


“Obviously, it depends on the birth I have but I can’t imagine I’ll need to take too much time off.”


The news comes after Vogue recently hit back at mommy shamers on social media, after she was criticised for enjoying a lunch date with her husband Spencer Matthews.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, Vogue shared a photo of her OOTD, and told fans she was heading out for lunch with Spencer.

But sadly, Vogue’s post attracted some negative and judgemental comments.


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One person’s comment read: “Don’t you breastfeed your baby?”

Vogue hit back at their rude message by replying: “I do breast feed exclusively not that it’s any of your business. The baby was on our lunch date with us… also your choices are not mine.”

“If I want to have a date with my husband and no baby I can. The joys of portable breast pumps!” she added.

Taking to her Instagram Story the next day, Vogue told her followers that she went on another lunch date, as she responded to the nasty comments.

Sharing a selfie of her and Spencer, she wrote: “I had to laugh at some of the comments on my post yesterday! I went on another lunch date today! Oh and yes I’m breastfeeding.”

“Gigi was with us and mothers don’t need to be chained to their houses to be considering a good parent!”

Vogue added: “Thank you for the lovely comments and mails I got yesterday after my post I do love you lot ❤️.”