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Vogue Williams details ‘nightmare’ toddler struggle as she urges fans for advice

Vogue Williams has detailed her “nightmare” toddler struggle, and urged her fans for their advice.

The model and her Made In Chelsea star husband Spencer Matthews are parents of three children – Theodore, 3, Gigi, 2, and 3-month-old Otto.

‘The Big Deal’ presenter has opened up about her bedtime struggles with their daughter, who recently celebrated her 2nd birthday.

Vogue shared an adorable snap of Gigi kissing her cheek to Instagram on Wednesday.

The mom-of-three wrote, “My beautiful girl ❤️ So sweet but also now a nightmare at bedtime 🤯.”

“She keeps waking all night saying she’s hungry, we’ll she says that anytime we put her for a nap or bedtime even though she’s had a huge meal. I’m already in bed hoping she won’t wake four times again tonight.”


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“That along with Otto has given me some absolutely stunning eye bags! Sending all the love to the sleep deprived parents out there ☺️”

Vogue then pleaded with her Instagram followers, who have gone through similar struggles with their toddlers, to offer her advice.

“Also any bedtime tips for my once brilliant sleeper are very much welcome?,” she wrote.



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