Vogue Williams admits she’s struggling to walk as she opens up about pregnancy struggles

The presenter's pregnancy hasn't been easy


Vogue Williams has opened up about her pregnancy struggles in a brutally honest post.

The TV presenter, who is expecting her second child with Spencer Matthews, has admitted her pregnancy hasn’t been easy.

In a candid post on her Instagram Story, Vogue said: “I hate complaining about anything to do with pregnancy because I feel so very lucky to be having a baby…”

“I have had a lot of mails from people saying I make it look easy and they feel bad not doing things I’m doing.”

“Please don’t, I find it really hard some days, my back and my pelvis are making it difficult to walk at times and I have full-on morning sickness again for the last six weeks.”

“It’s okay to chill and take it easy don’t feel like you have to do anything being pregnant is not easy,” she added.

Vogue is expecting a baby girl with Spencer, and she’s due to give birth at the end of July.

The couple, who tied the knot in 2018, are already parents to a son named Theodore, who will turn 2 this September.