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Vogue Williams admits she would like a third child ‘quite soon’

The Irish presenter shares two children with husband Spencer Matthews


Vogue Williams has admitted she would like a third child “quite soon”.

The Irish presenter and her husband Spencer Matthews are parents to two children – their two-year-old son Theodore, and their newborn daughter Gigi, who they welcomed in July.

Speaking on the latest episode of the couple’s podcast Spencer & Vogue, the 35-year-old opened up about her plans to have more children in the near future.

The Dublin native shared: “Spenny and I have said that we want four kids, now I think definitely three, I’m now on the fence about the fourth with all this carry-on.”

Vogue, Spencer, and their two kids Theodore and Gigi

Spencer said: “Well, fortunately, we don’t have to worry about it for at least three years,” to which Vogue clarified: “That’s the fourth.”

“We’ll have the third quite soon I would think,” the model added.

Questioning his wife, Spencer asked: “Well you’re pregnant now aren’t you?”, which Vogue firmly denied.

The couple previously spoke about potential future baby names, admitting the name River was a high contender.

Spencer told his wife: “You used to like [the name] Jasper,” with Vogue replying: “I do like Jasper… but you kind of go off it.”

She added: “I love the name River,” with Spencer revealing: “I really like River.”

“So there’s a few names we’re considering for the child that we do not have yet,” Vogue explained.

Vogue, Spencer and their son Theodore | Instagram

“I really wanted to call Gigi – Gigi Harlow … I’m still hoping maybe a baby in the future could also be called Harlow because it’s not completely off the table.”

However, Spencer wasn’t quite so keen on the name, describing it as “slightly try-hard”.