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Vogue Williams admits her tough pregnancy has made her question having a fourth child

Vogue Williams has admitted her tough pregnancy has made her question having a fourth child.

The 36-year-old is currently expecting her third baby with her husband Spencer Matthews, and Vogue has confessed her pregnancy has been “hard”.

Speaking to MailOnline, the expectant mother said she’s been suffering from “all-day sickness”.

Vogue said: “I get lots of messages like ‘how are you doing this’ when actually I spent yesterday in bed. I just felt terrible.”

“I like to point out that Instagram is just a show real, it’s not my full day.”

The TV presenter said she’s tries her best to stay active during pregnancy, but insisted “not doing anything” is ok too.

“Moving for me is really important, even for half an hour a day makes such a difference for me. I get quite bad pelvic pain in pregnancy and my legs get sore, so a stretch is always good,” she said.

“But not doing anything is ok too, listening to your body is very important. Pregnancy is hard.”

Vogue has previously admitted she’d love to have four children with Spencer, but now she’s questioning whether she wants to have another baby after their third.

Vogue, Spencer, and their two kids Theodore and Gigi

The Howth native explained: “I would have said yes to four of them, pre this pregnancy, but now I think three is enough.”

“I’d have to get a new car. I don’t know where four would fit.”

The couple, who tied the knot in 2018, are already parents to two children – Theodore, 3, and Gigi, 1.


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