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Victoria Smurfit reveals she’s ‘seeing someone’ after quitting life in the US

She's off the market!


Victoria Smurfit has revealed that she’s “off the market”, after quitting life in the US.

The Irish actress and her three children lived in California for seven years, before she decided to move closer to home by relocating to London.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Victoria confessed: “I’m off the market. I’m seeing someone and we are very happy.”


The news comes one year after Victoria split from her film-maker boyfriend Alistair Ramsden.

The blonde beauty, who is mum to Evie (14), Ridley (11) and Flynn (10), also opened up about co-parenting with her ex-husband Douglas Baxter.

She said: “We might not be married but we are very much a family, he has moved closer to London. We are strong co-parents.”

Victoria revealed her plans to move to the UK back in April, after a gunman showed up at her young daughter’s school in California.

Victoria and her eldest daughter Evie | VIPIRELAND.COM

Speaking to Ray D’Arcy on RTÉ Radio 1 at the time, the 45-year-old said: “There’s loads of reasons (behind moving) but having a gunman outside your child’s school was just the icing on the cake, really.”

“I was about two hours north of LA about to shoot a short film when I got a text from Evie saying ‘We’re in lock-down, please don’t call me’. I just said ‘is it real?’”

“She said yes and all I could do in the most helpless moment ever was say ‘hide baby, hide’.

Victoria and her youngest daughter | INSTAGRAM

“For an hour I didn’t know what on earth was happening and both girls were in the school. You can’t contact them, you can’t call the school,” she explained.

Victoria said the gunman, who was a former student at the school, was arrested by police.

Speaking about the availability of guns in the US, Victoria said: “People – dads and mums – have guns in the garages because those are the acceptable rules here. It’s just crazy. Culturally, I can’t get my head around it at all.”