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Victoria Beckham shares her love for Irish advocate Sinéad Burke

Victoria Beckham has taken to Instagram to share her love for Sinéad Burke, Irish educator and body inclusivity advocate.

Both Sinéad and Victoria shares snaps on their Instagram feeds together, after they had a meeting at Victoria’s office.

“I have wanted to meet @thesineadburke for so long,” Victoria wrote.


“We talked for hours – she is incredibly smart and funny – and her advocacy work is inspiring.”

“We all have a lot to learn and it was a privilege for me to have had time together with her yesterday.”

Sinéad took the opportunity to praise the singer-turned-designer for her role in Sinéad’s childhood, and credited her for her work on promoting inclusivity.


“The Spice Girls catalogue was the soundbed for my maturation. It was so powerful to be a young woman in an era where a phrase like “Girl Power” was not just heard in the playground of an all-girls school, but it was part of the cultural lexicon,”  she penned.

“As I’ve got older, I’ve continued to admire @victoriabeckham. Victoria’s ambition and tenacity is contagious.”

“Spending time with her recently talking about how we can each do more to amplify voices and use our influence to ensure that inclusion isn’t just a moment but a movement was a true privilege. Thank you, Victoria!”

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