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Una Healy reveals why she’s never publicly bashed Ben Foden – following their ‘traumatic’ split

Una Healy has revealed why she’s never publicly bashed her ex-husband Ben Foden, following their “traumatic” breakup.

The Irish singer split from the rugby player in 2018 after six years of marriage, amid claims he had been unfaithful.

Just one year later, Ben married his new wife Jackie Belanoff Smith, after just two weeks of dating.

Almost three years after their breakup, Una has opened up about how she healed from the heartbreak.

Speaking to the Irish Sun, the mum-of-two said: “I’ve never spoken badly of Ben and I wouldn’t.”

“I don’t think it’s appropriate to do that, especially as he’s the father of my two children and I would never want to ruin any future relationship they have with him or paint him in a bad light.”

The former couple are parents to eight-year-old Aoife Belle, and six-year-old Tadhg.

Una continued: “I’m only too happy for him to see them as and when he can, so regardless of our relationship, I just want as healthy a relationship as possible for him and the kids when he does see them.”

“He’s well capable of getting on with his own life anyway. He’s moved on and he seems very happy, so good luck to him.”

Una and Ben with their two kids

Since Ben married his new wife Jackie in August 2019, the couple have welcomed a daughter together.

Una said: “He’s very far away and he’s married now with his own family. He doesn’t see them (Aoife and Tadhg) often but when he does, he spends quality time with them, like he did at Christmas and last summer.”

“It’ll be three years this summer since we split, so I have had the time to heal from all of that. The past year for everybody has been getting used to a new normal, but for me, the year before that was getting used to my new normal.”

“I’ve had quite a bit of time to recover from it all. It was traumatic, the whole thing, it really was,” she confessed.

“But I am actually very happy right now. This is me now and you have to get used to your new life and I couldn’t be at a better place than at home in Ireland with my family. That’s just how it is.”

“The kids have everything they need, they have all the love in the world that they need right now and they love it here, so that’s the most important thing.”

When asked if Ben ever apologised for cheating, the 39-year-old replied: “I think he did, but I can’t remember a specific time that he would have.”

“It wasn’t one big ultimate (apology). He has over the years said sorry, but he’s not made one massive one.”


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