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Tulisa: Louis Walsh was always FIRST to offer support during cocaine trial hell


Tulisa Contostavlos has revealed Louis Walsh was one of her few showbiz friends who stuck with her throughout her cocaine trial ordeal.

The former X Factor judge potentially faced jail time after being charged with supplying drugs after a newspaper sting.

But a British judge said there “strong grounds to believe” that Mazher Mahmood – an undercover reporter for the Sun on Sunday, known as the¬†Fake Sheik¬†– had “lied” and threw the case out.

However Tulisa, 26, revealed that during her year of hell before facing court she lost “a good few friends and 90% of my associates”.

Louis Walsh X Factor television programme auditions at O2 in London

Hell: Celebrities wouldn’t want to be seen beside Tulisa | VIPIRELAND.COM

But unlike Simon Cowell, who she was never on great terms with, Louis was always the first to offer support.

“Me and Simon were never really that close. It was always like a work relationship, and I was never on the panel with him,” she said.

“I’ve never texted him in his hard times and he’s never texted me. But I’ve never heard a bad word from him.

“People I w as close to on the X Factor were Louis and Nicole and even Gary. Louis’s always the first person to text.”

X Factor Judges at Jurys

Support: Louis was always there for her – even if Simon wasn’t | VIPIRELAND.COM

But she added that many other celebrities were always afraid even to be seen talking to her.

“People in the industry who were so pally-pally – darling this, darling that – when the shit hits the fan they dissociate themselves,” she told the Guardian.

“When they see you, they’re like, ‘Oh, hi’ and looking round in case there’s a journo seeing if you’re stood next to Tulisa.”

Last month, Louis Walsh urged Tulisa to sue the newspaper.

“The whole thing was totally wrong – it was a disgrace from the start. It was entrapment. They targeted her and went out to ruin her name,” he said.

“I hope she sues and lets people know the real story on The Sun because there is more to this.”