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Tommy Tiernan SLAMS the media for criticising Bono

The comedian appeared on RTÉ's Cutting Edge last night


Tommy Tiernan was on Brendan O’Connor’s Cutting Edge last night, and he slammed the Irish media for their “bitchy, backbiting, snide journalism”.

Brendan was joined this week by Tommy Tiernan, Norah Casey and journalist Niamh Horan.

When the subject of Bono winning a prize at the Glamour Woman of the Year awards came up, Tommy was very vocal about how he felt the media portrayed the news.

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Angry: Tommy called out journalists for being ‘bitchy, backbiting, and snide’ | VIPIRELAND.COM

He said passionately, “I’m talking about the journalism that thinks it’s acceptable to write ‘Why do we all hate Bono so much?’ and I think that type of journalism is unneeded and it doesn’t do anybody in the country any favours at all.”

When journalist Niamh Horan said how she thinks Bono has a “thicker skin at this stage”, Tommy replied stating how it’s not Bono’s personal feelings he’s worried about.

“I’m not lamenting Bono’s vulnerability. I’m talking about journalism. I’m talking about bitchy, backbiting, snide journalism. I’m not talking about Bono! I’m talking about journalism!”