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Tommy Bowe breaks his silence on awkward Ireland AM blunder

Tommy Bowe has broken his silence after his awkward blunder on Ireland AM.

On Wednesday’s show, the former rugby star’s co-host Clare McKenna began introducing the next guest to the show Séamas O’Reilly, who would be discussing his new book.

She said: “Author Séamas O’Reilly was just five years old when he and his ten siblings…”, before Tommy cut in and exclaimed: “Ten siblings?!”

Clare then finished her sentence, saying: “…sadly lost their mum.”

Upon hearing the news of his guest’s mother passing, Tommy let out an awkward noise, and his reaction has gone viral on social media.

One fan tweeted: “Have watched that Tommy Bowe clip upwards of 30 times and howl every time.”

Another penned: “Oh my god the pain in his face when she finishes the sentence,” while a third asked: “Did you not read ahead on the prompt thingy?? Hilarious.”

Responding to the viral video, Tommy wrote: “Oh sweet Jesus.”

The 37-year-old then shared the link to Séamas’ book ‘Did Ya Hear Mammy Died’ on Twitter.

He wrote: “Hope Seamus and his 10 siblings don’t hate me now😬😬 Might as well check out his critically acclaimed book ‘Did ya hear Mammy died’.”

Séamas replied: “Haha, you’re grand! We have really enjoyed it. All we demand is that you buy 400 copies of the book, no stress, seriously don’t worry about it. 500 tops.”

Tommy said: “Ha will get the credit card out 🤣.”


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