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Today FM launch search for ‘Irish guardian angel’ – after Scottish woman shares heartwarming story

The Glasgow native wants to track the woman down


TodayFM are searching for an Irish woman who comforted a heartbroken Scottish lady on board a flight four years ago.

The radio station launched the search, after Glasgow native Amelia Leith got in touch in a bid to track her down.

Speaking to Pamela Joyce on Mairead Ronan’s show, Amelia described the woman as her “guardian angel”.

Amelia explained that she was flying home to Glasgow from Canada on January 11th, 2017 when she met the woman.

She had a broken heart at the time, and couldn’t stop crying on the flight.

Amelia Leith

Out of nowhere, Amelia felt arms wrap around her from the person in the seat behind her – an Irish woman asking her if she was ok.

Amelia poured her heart out to the woman, who looked after her for the rest of the flight.

The Irish lady wrote down her contact details and asked Amelia to keep in touch, but sadly she lost the piece of paper.

Amelia said she hasn’t stopped thinking about the woman since, and wants to track her down to thank her.

The woman, originally from Dublin, was living in Toronto with her husband, and she also has two daughters – one named Courtney – who would be in their teens and 20’s.

She was flying home from Toronto that day for a family get together, and was also travelling with either her sister or her sister-in-law.

If this woman sounds familiar, you can email [email protected] to let them know.