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Tilda Swinton’s ex says he’s a child of incest ‘it’s traditional in Ireland’

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Tilda Swinton’s former partner has said he is the child of both his mother and his grand father – and said incestuous relationships are “tradition” in Ireland.

Artist John Byrne revealed his mother Alice and grand father Patrick McShane were his parents, and that he only found out in 2002, aged 59.

Speaking to The UK Times, John said such relationships are normal in Ireland.

“I once thought she wanted him to go down on bended knee and beg forgiveness,” he admitted.

“No. She was totally in love with her own father, utterly and totally.

“I think he gave me that wonderful mixture of genes with his own daughter, the eldest of the family.

“That’s what they do in Ireland. I presume it’s what they do in unlettered places and lettered places. It’s traditional, and nobody speaks about it,” he claimed.

His mother died in the 1980s after suffering from a mental illness, which John believes stemmed from the relationship with her own father.

John and actress Tilda have two children together, and split in 2005.

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