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This is why Love Island fans are calling for Maura Higgins to enter the villa

Love Island fans are calling for Maura Higgins to enter the villa, three years after she found fame on the 2019 series.

Tuesday night’s episode of Love Island provided plenty of drama, as the Islanders took part in the show’s famous heart rate challenge.

The challenge saw the boys and girls compete against each other to try and raise each others’ heart rates the most with a sexy dance.


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At the end of the challenge, the Islanders found out if they raised their partner’s heart rate the most, or if they raised the heart rate of another unsuspecting Islander.

In a dramatic turn of events, exes Jacques and Gemma raised each other’s heart rates the most – leaving their respective partners Paige and Luca less than impressed.

At the end of the episode, Paige admitted to Jacques she was annoyed by his heart rate being raised the most by Gemma, due to their romantic history.

The pair dated for a year before they entered the Love Island villa, and called it quits during the summer of 2020.

Despite Paige’s valid concern, Jacques did not react well to her comment.

The rugby player dismissed her feelings on the matter, and told Paige that her reaction was “pathetic”.

It’s safe to say viewers were not happy with the way Jacques spoke to Paige, and took to Twitter to vent their frustration.

Many called for her to end their romance, and pointed out his behaviour was a “red flag”.

Longtime fans of Love Island are now calling for former contestant Maura Higgins to enter the villa to put Jacques in his place.

The 31-year-old, who hails from Longford, was famously outspoken during her time on the popular dating show in 2019.

Maura won a lot of female fans during the series, especially after she gave her co-star Tom Walker a dressing down for making a misogynistic comment – cementing one of the greatest moments in Love Island history.

Taking to Twitter after Tuesday night’s episode, one fan wrote: “Maura Higgins would never have stood for this kind of tomfoolery. If Jaques had called her pathetic, and to shut up… the Villa would be in flames 🤣.”

Another viewer tweeted: “We need Maura to come in and sort Jacques out now.”

A third fan addedd: “I need Maura, Anna, Faye and Amber to come in the villa bcs if Jacques spoke to them like that they would demolish him.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two.

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