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This is why John and David were missing from this week’s Gogglebox Ireland

Gogglebox Ireland’s John Sullivan has revealed why he and David were missing from this week’s show.

The Dublin duo are huge hits on the popular show, which sees friends and families across the country tune into and react to the TV highlights from the week from the comfort of their homes.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, John explained why he and his pal weren’t on our screens this week.

He tweeted: “Unfortunately, due to a HSE close contact text, we had to take a little break from #GoggleboxIRL.”

“All is totally fine, neg PCR etc and @heyadaithi & myself will be back on the couch with the DOUBLE the intellectual discourse next week. Stay safe,” John added.

One fan retweeted the tweet, saying: “Glad you’re both ok, missed you two this week.”

Another fan replied: “Stay safe lads, love ye.”

David also took to Twitter to address his and John’s absence.

He tweeted: “It has to be said, as FOMO inducing missing the show this week is, it is VERY refreshing to watch it without the constant fear of what @nanasthoughts
and I might have said! #Goggleboxirl.”


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