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RTÉ Spent over HALF A MILLION EURO on taxis last year


Cash strapped RTÉ spent over €500,000 on taxis last year.

The national broadcaster has been in spotlight for how much money they have been paying staff in the current gender row, but it seems they have been spending a serious amount on transport as well.

The Sun has uncovered the figures through the Freedom of Information and found that RTÉ spent over €500,000 on Taxi Fares in 2016.

High bill: Over half a million was spent | RTE

€91,000 of that was spent on employee travel with the rest being spent across various RTÉ shows on both TV and Radio.

After the figures were released, RTÉ said the costs were necessary:

“Our policy on travel expenses, including the use of taxis, requires that taxis are only used when necessary for business and programme-related reasons.”

Necessary: RTE said the taxis were needed | VIPIRELAND.COM

“Taxi costs reflect the comprehensive nature of RTE’s operations including those outside of public transport hours, and the necessity to provide transport for guests, programme contributors as well as staff.

“Taxis are only used when necessary and only in accordance with the RTE pre-approval of same,” the statement read.