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This Irish celebrity persuaded Matt Damon to give an interview to Dublin radio station

This is brilliant!


Dublin radio station SPIN 1038 were thrilled when they secured an exclusive interview with Matt Damon – and it turns out Bono was the one who convinced him to do it.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Hollywood actor has been living in Dalkey with his family since March, and many have spotted him out and about in the area.

Many media outlets have tried to bag an interview with Matt about living in Ireland over the past few weeks, but the actor has wanted to maintain a low profile.

But in a surprising turn of events, Matt finally agreed to speak to Fully Charged presenters Nathan O’Reilly and Graham O Toole, after he heard about their relentless campaign to get him on SPIN 1038.

According to the Herald, Matt first heard Nathan and Graham on his car radio, and later mentioned it to his neighbour, Bono.

The U2 frontman then convinced Matt to get in contact with the show and give them an exclusive interview, which took place on Zoom last Friday.

Bono convinced Matt to do the interview | VIPIRELAND.com

Nathan explained: “I was really interested in scouring the internet and hearing people’s experiences because a lot of people had said that they had met Matt when they went for jogs on Killiney hill or bought stuff from their shops.”

“For weeks, we got people on the show who had these stories. I even went on to the Dalkey Facebook group and I chanced my arm, wondering if I had information about Matt.”

“I got high levels of abuse and people told me to leave him alone and I got kicked out,” he laughed.


“I thought it was too much of a big ask, but last week, we got a call from his assistant saying that Matt has been listening to the show and that he wants to come on.”

“We ended up chatting for nearly half an hour and I’m so excited to play it because it’s brilliant,” he said.

“I think he just really liked us and found it amusing. I think everyone expected him to be on The Late Late Show but it’s great that he took a chance on us.”

Matt’s interview will air at 8am on Wednesday morning on Fully Charged with Nathan and Graham on SPIN 1038.

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