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The Script saved from being left paralyzed in terrifying tour bus crash – by being drunk


The Script have revealed they came close to being paralyzed after being involved in a hellish bus crash.

The Dubliners were touring around America, while supporting One Republic, when their bus smashed while traveling at 55mph.

And guitarist Mark Sheehan admitted that the only reason they were saved from breaking their neck – is because they were out of bed boozing.

Amanda Byram & The Script were guests on the 'Dermot & Dave Show' on 98FM

Lucky to survive: Guitarist Mark Sheehan | VIPIRELAND.COM

“The bus crashed one night. We were in the middle of recording in the mobile studio and we were going 55mph on to the on-ramp of a motorway,” he said.

“The bus slammed to a stop and everyone went flying. A few instruments were harmed but everyone was OK.

“Thankfully we were pretty drunk at the time. The reality hit us next day – that if we had been in bed at the time of the crash, we could have broken our necks.”

The Script perform at the 'Toyota Concert Series' on NBC's 'Today', New York

On stage: Danny O’Donoghue while performing in America | VIPIRELAND.COM

However frontman Danny O’Donoghue told the Mirror that they have put that out of their minds – to work on pimping up the bus.

“We booked a load of lasers and a smoke machine for the bus so as soon as we finish recording for the night, we turn them on and have a DIY nightclub,” he said.

“One of the lads from One Republic got on and said, ‘Where have I been for this whole tour?’ They thought we were exaggerating when we told them about it. It’s an awesome place.”