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The line-up for this week’s ‘very special’ Late Late Show has been revealed

A host of famous faces will join Ryan Tubridy for a great cause

Ryan Tubridy | Andres Poveda

The line-up for this week’s “very special” Late Late Show has been revealed.

Ryan Tubridy will be joined by a host of famous faces on Friday night’s show, which will be dedicated to promoting Irish businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Small-to-medium sized Irish companies across various sectors will be showcasing their wares as they face some of the most challenging times in their businesses.

Speaking ahead of the show, Ryan said: “It takes a lot of guts to start up a business in this country, but it takes even more backbone to keep it alive in the face of a pandemic, and that’s what this Friday’s Late Late Show is all about.”

Picture Andres Poveda

“We are celebrating the local heroism of people who are making hampers for Christmas, or candles for local shops, people who are suppliers in their towns and villages.

“These are the unsung warriors who keep Irish towns and villages alive in a way that hasn’t been recognised enough. That ends on Friday night.

“We are going to celebrate them, thank them, and hopefully, we are going help to keep them afloat in these difficult times,” he added.

“Friday night is also meant as a nod of respect to local businesses around the country, and to encourage all of our friends watching to shop local, buy Irish, and keep our friends and neighbours in business.”


The special show will also be highlighting the challenges in the entertainment and music industries, with singer Niall Horan speaking to Ryan about the struggles the entertainment and music industries have faced.

Ryan will also be joined by comedian and TV presenter Deirdre O’Kane about the changes the comedy scene have seen, and the challenges Irish entertainers have faced.

In addition, Diarmuid Gavin, Anna Geary, Kevin Dundon, and Roisin Murphy will be on the show, as they showcase some of their favourite businesses, in sectors such as sports, food, gardening and homeware.

This very special ‘Taking Care of Business’ episode of The Late Late Show airs Friday, November 6th at 9:35 pm on RTÉ One.

Picture Andres Poveda