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The first look at the TWO girls entering the Love Island villa – and one of them is Irish

It's time to stir things up


First it was announced that Sherif was kicked out of the villa for “breaking the rules” and now it’s been revealed that two new girls are entering the Love Island villa.

This week the couples were already put to the test when Instagram star Molly Mae entered the house – and now there are two new bombshells.

First up is Irish girl Maura Higgins, from Longford, who describes herself as a “country girl”.

Talking about what she looks for in the “perfect guy”, Maura said:

“I would go for personality more than anything. I would definitely look for someone who is really honest and a very confident guy, but not arrogant and definitely someone who makes me laugh.

“They have to have banter, without a doubt.”

Next up is Essex eyelash technician Elma Pazar

Speaking ahead of entering the show Elma said although she’s loyal – she will make sure to keep her options open in the villa.

“If I’m in a relationship I’m loyal, but if I’m just coupled up with someone and I’m not 100% feeling it, I’m not putting all my eggs into one basket as that’s not the point of it.

“You’re not being true to yourself. I’ve not cheated, but have been cheated on.

“It hasn’t affected me. If someone’s going to cheat, they will cheat regardless. I hated the guy at the time but it made me who I am so I’m not fussed by it.”

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