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The Best Moments From Night 1 of The Rose of Tralee

The show was the number one trend on Twitter once again


The most Irish show you will ever see is back with a bang.

Yes the Rose of Tralee hit our screens again on RTE on Monday night and as usual, it was full of hilarious interviews, surprising talents and touching moments.

From a dog stealing the show to a surprising trick, take a look at the top moments from night one:

Penny The Dog Won The Hearts Of The Nation

Forget the actual Roses – tonight Penny the dog was a standout part of the show.

Dublin Rose Laura Vines made a trick with her dog Penny her talent – and it was an amazing choice.

People were loving her dog, and calling for the canine to win the contest this year.

Daithi Was Put In A Bubble

Every year host Daithi O’Se gets put in the most hilarious positions, and this year was no different.

The Kerry man, who is always up for a good trick, was put inside a bubble live on TV.

The Arizona Rose is to thank for that.

A Rose Lifted Weights

You know when your trainer tells you there are “no excuses” for missing a workout day, well this Rose is the proof that you can work out no matter where you are.

The Meath Rose made sure her talent stood out this year – and did some serious weights on stage, in a ball gown.

Serious props to her…

 A Rose Got A Tattoo Live On-Air

Proving that the show really has moved with the times – Arizona Rose Kayla Gray got a tattoo live on RTE.

Daithi revealed how the Rose still has to get a tattoo on her bucket list – and the camera panned to a tattoo artist backstage.

The TV host then pretended to ink up the contestant – but thankfully it was a professional who got the job done, designing a rose on Kayla’s left arm.