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Thalia Heffernan recalls scary time she was spiked: ‘I couldn’t speak or walk’

Thalia Heffernan has recalled the scary time she was spiked as a teenager.

The model opened up about the terrifying ordeal after Imelda May slammed the University of Durham’s anti-drink spiking campaign.

The university faced serious backlash this week when they told students how to stop themselves from getting spiked in social media posts, alongside the hashtag #don’tgetspiked.

After spotting the uproar online, Imelda tweeted: “Three years ago I lay on the ground in Soho with a young woman (I didn’t know) who had been spiked and was in a bad way.

“I held her as she vomited and convulsed while waiting for ambulance that almost didn’t come. Police didn’t care. Don’t get spiked?!?! DON’T SPIKE!!!!”

On Friday, Thalia shared Imelda’s tweet, and revealed she was spiked when she was just 17-years-old.

The Dublin native wrote: “Years ago I was spiked. Luckily I was put into a taxi before anything could happen in the bar, but that didn’t stop the taxi driver stealing my phone, wallet and throwing me on the side of my road outside my house.”

“Two people, and another taxi driver going by called the police for me, as I couldn’t speak or walk and was vomiting profusely,” she explained.

“Thankfully I was eventually brought into my house by the Garda. They thought I was just drunk, and didn’t even wake my parents. I was 17.”

“I am one of the lucky ones. Spike culture is real and incredibly dangerous. Don’t f***ing spike.”

In another post, Thalia also warned her followers about a new “needle spiking trend”.

Hundreds of cases of injection-spiking have been reported to police across the UK over the past few months – and its feared the trend has now made its way to Ireland.

Injection-spiking involves someone unknowingly being injected with drugs through a needle, usually in a nightclub or bar.

The 26-year-old wrote: “The needle spiking ‘trend’ has come to Ireland, please keep an eye out and report anything you see to the police.”

“Sickened by humanity. Please mind your friends this weekend,” she added.


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