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Thalia Heffernan posts warning to those buying puppies at Christmas

"A dog isn't a gift. It's a huge commitment..."


Thalia Heffernan has posted a warning to those buying puppies at Christmas.

The Irish model took to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday to share the heartbreaking reality of puppy farming, and reminded her followers that dogs were a “forever commitment”.

The Dancing With The Stars contestant admitted she was “livid”, after seeing more puppies on her timeline ahead of the festive season.

“How much more screaming do we have to do until people wake up?” the 25-year-old asked, “We’re in 2020 and this is still going on.”

“So, you’ll have a sweet puppy under your tree this year, but it’s mother will likely be tied up, alone, cold and exhausted.

“After losing 80% of their funding this year thanks to Covid, shelters like the DSPCA are having to prepare themselves for the onslaught of these puppies being brought in when people realise they’re more than just an Insta-opportunity.

“It’s already started,” the Dublin native added, urging people not to get a dog unless they are willing to make a forever commitment.

“A dog isn’t a gift. It’s a huge commitment that needs ample time to be discussed and thought through.”

Thalia previously opened up about her decision to adopt rescue dogs, telling Goss.ie: “Dog breeding is incredibly awful.

“The way they do it with the poor mother dog [who] is basically just left in a cage and don’t see the light of day.

“The puppies are then badly abused as well – when you buy a dog, you’re buying into that industry.

“It is animal abuse and people don’t realise that. They get this beautiful little puppy, they think nothing but the puppy and they’re really happy – but they don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.”

Thalia Heffernan Pic Brian McEvoy