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Thalia Heffernan opens up on dealing with anxiety

Thalia Heffernan at the Peter Mark VIP Style Awards 2017 at The Marker Hotel Dublin. Picture: Brian McEvoy No Repro Fee For One Use

Thalia Heffernan has opened up on how she deals with anxiety.

The model revealed that she used to suffer badly in the past, but she has managed to overcome it in some ways.

When asked whether anxiety was an issue, she said, “Yeah, heavily in the past. But I’ve kind of gotten much better recently.

“I think it’s just age for me. I’ve grown up, and I’ve started to learn how to process and deal with it.”

Winding Down: The model says that winding down is very important for your mental health | VIPIRELAND.COM

The gorgeous Dubliner continued, “When I was younger and I first started working full time, I was a ball of anxiety. So stressed all the time.

“Winding down is really important as well. Making sure you give yourself time in the evenings, or even in the middle of the day – just turn your phone off.”

She also touched on the subject of social media and the social pressures that come along with it on Breakfast Republic on 2FM.

“I think I feel pressure because it does help with my work, and it gets me jobs and it helps my career. But then I do have to realise that my job is only my job and it’s not my life.”

False: Thalia believes people need to realise how false social media really is | VIPIRELAND.COM

The Dancing With The Stars celeb strongly believes that the public need to realise how false social media really is.

“The world has evolved to be this social media multi-million dollar industry, that is so false and so intangible. People don’t realise just how false it really is.

“Detox is really important, and just being really aware. Looking at these pictures of these beautiful people, and these lavish lifestyles and you just have to realise that it isn’t – like they took about 55 photos to get that.”

She also revealed that she uses guided meditation to get to sleep every night, which is usually relaxing music paired with a person’s voice guiding you through it.

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