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Terrie McEvoy reveals hopes for future career in TV

We could soon be seeing her on our TV screens as well as our phone screens


Terrie McEvoy has revealed hopes for a future career in live TV.

The social media star hinted that she would like to expand her social media empire into TV work.

Speaking about her appearance on the 6 O’Clock Show, she said she was “so excited” to appear on the show.


“I’m really really really excited because I absolutely love doing TV – it’s something that I would love to get in to.”

“I’m so excited I love doing TV (even though I always get the biggest butterflies).”

Poking fun at herself, the influencer shared a screenshot from a previous appearance on the show from June 2018.


The hilarious screenshot stemmed from an interview she did on she show about her engagement story.

The influencer recently moved home to Ireland after spending a number of years living and working in Australia.

She explained that logistically, it was very difficult to move home, but she “wouldn’t change it for the world.”