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Susan Loughnane finds it 'crap' being apart from air traffic controller boyfriend – but hopes to settle down in Clare

Love/Hate star Susan Loughnane has revealed she wants to settle down with her long-term boyfriend in Clare.

But the TV actress is currently in New York working on a number of auditions – and finds it “crap” to be apart from her boyfriend of 10 years, David.

“Being apart is obviously crap, but it makes seeing each other even better. When we see each other we are so delighted we’re so kissy and loved up,” she said.

Susan Loughnane launches her debut novel

The Art Of Scandal: Susan launched her first novel last month | VIP IRELAND

“And I suppose if we were with each other all the time, it probably wouldn’t be like that, after ten years.”

However Susan – who met David in school when they were only 17 – said the hope is to eventually settle down with the air traffic controller Co Clare.

She told VIP Magazine: “Clare is a lovely County but the real draw is my boyfriend who lives there.

“I like the idea of country life, it’s just so much more chilled out. I feel very choked up and polluted sometimes in the city.”

Susan Loughnane launches her debut novel

Family: Susan with her mum Cepta and father Tom | VIPIRELAND.COM

And Susan, who is normally based between London and Ireland, admitted she does get homesick – especially now while in New York.

“It’s nice to be in New York and writing and painting, but I do miss my boyfriend, and my family so there’s that,” she sai.d

“It can be a bit lonely too. But it is nice. I’m going to go to an art shop today to buy some notebooks and pencils and sit in coffee shops and draw. I’ve got a lot of friends to meet up with too.”

Since departing from the hit RTE drama the 27-year-old beauty has released a novel The Art Of Scandal.


Lonely: Susan reveals she gets homesick when she is away from her boyfriend and family | VIP IRELAND

She has also been busy writing a TV series – and revealed her boyfriend David is the more sensible one of the pair.

“He’s weirdly very creative. He’s just a bit more sensible then me. If he wrote a book it would be amazing, but he just decided to something more normal,” she said.

“I’m probably a little bit funny, strong and confident, but not a lot. David is more confident then me, I could never do his job. He’d probably be too sensible to act in Love/Hate.”


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