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Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick admits he feels ‘very lucky’ after he broke his neck falling down the stairs

The 52-year-old was sleepwalking at the time


Noel Fitzpatrick has admitted he feels “very lucky” after he broke his neck when he fell down the stairs in the middle of the night.

During his appearance on The Late Late Show, the Supervet star explained what happened.

Noel said: “It was in the middle of the night and I was asleep and fell down walking.”

“I’m busy day and night and I was just busy going to do something in the middle of the night and fell down the stairs and burst into a wall.”

Noel said: “I’m alright, I’m lucky, I know a bit about skeletons.”

“So when I broke my own neck by falling down the stairs into the wall, I knew straight away it was broken, and that was difficult because you can hear the crack.”

“Then you’re the worst possible patient when you’re a surgeon, so fortunately for me I haven’t yet needed surgery so hopefully I’m okay at the end of the day but we’ll see.”

“But god bless the poor surgeon who has to operate on me, can you imagine me?”


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Noel confessed: “It’s a wake up call. You think I’m a really lucky man now and you have to be grateful for every moment in every day.”

“I’m a very lucky man that I’m still around I was in lockdown before everyone else was in lockdown I had a little practice run. I think it makes you perceive that you’re not immortal.”

“I mean there was a time when I was a younger vet and you would work all night and then you would bounce back after three hours of sleep and then you would be back on the saddle again.

“I think it does give you a wake up call.”