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‘Super dumb’ Doireann Garrihy fears for her life as she receives abuse from Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid fans

Fandoms have no chill...


Doireann Garrihy has been the target of online hate from fans of Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid.

Their fans have called her all sorts of names in the wake of a tweet she posted about the former couple.

Her initial tweet read, “Love that Zayn is going for the “IDGAF I’ve moved on” music video etc but Gigi’s still liking his Instagrams like “aww so happy you’re doing well” 😂”

Fans of both celebrities were NOT happy with her apparently incorrect speculation about the ex-partners and began hurling abuse at her.

Their comments included bizarre ones like this, “Keep talking sh*t about him, coz it just shows how popular he is. 😏”

Others opted to question the presenter’s intelligence, “I’m worried that you’re really super dumb and thinks Zayn could’ve produced and released such music video in 3 weeks but lemme tell you something. They were still together when he shoot it.”

The actress joked “A Sunday lesson. Never, ever tweet about Zayn and Gigi. The topic is NOT a joke. I made that mistake and am fearing for my life since.”

Here’s hoping they let her live long enough to finish The Doireann Project!