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Storm Uechtritz: 'Ronan's kids don't think I'm the wicked step-mum'

Ronan Keating’s girlfriend Storm Uechtritz has told how the star’s children welcomed her into their lives.

The Australian TV producer said his three kids with ex-wife Yvonne – Jack, 13, Marie, 11, and seven-year-old Ali – were “good souls”.

She added: “I will always be incredibly grateful for them because they made the transition so incredibly easy for me.

“I feel very blessed they are the children that they are because they have just been fabulous and they’ve embraced me with open arms. It wasn’t difficult.

“I will always be so eternally grateful to them because they have made this transition way easier for me. They’re good souls. I love them. They’re amazing. They’re just brilliant.”


Loved-up: On holiday with Storm

Gorgeous Storm – who has been dating the Boyzone singer for 18 months after meeting him on the Oz X Factor – said she was drawn to Ronan because of his honesty.

And the 34-year-old said she feels he has been “admirable” how he has dealt with his marriage split from Yvonne, after cheating with backing dancer Francine Cornell.

Speaking in her first ever interview, she said: “When you’re happy and you are in love with the person you are meant to be with, you don’t really feel any different to anyone else so I don’t really feel like I am stepping into shoes as such.

“I am just being me, and being happy like everyone else and in love just getting on with my life Ronan is an honest and beautiful person who has the most incredible, evolved soul.

“The way he deals with everything from past to present is admirable. He has so much integrity and respect.

“There are not a lot of people in his position on a public platform that could handle himself as he did, he’s an incredible man.”


Delighted: Ronan feels life is better after finding Storm

Now Storm revealed the couple are looking to find a house to make Ireland their permanent base.

She said: “We are already between London and Ireland. I absolutely love Ireland and the kids live here so we spend 50 per cent of our time here, as much time as we possibly can.

“I miss home too, so Australia will always be home, but Ireland is a second home to me.

“I absolutely love, love, love Ireland and obviously the kids are here so we do spend as much time as we can here and whenever Ro’s working, we’re in London as well.

“We were living in Malahide but obviously that house has just been sold so we’re technically homeless at the moment but we’re looking to find a new pad.”


Charity: Launching the Marie Keating foundation’s new charity drive

The 34-year-old feels delighted to have been brought in by the entire Keating clan – who asked her to front a new fundraising initiative for the Marie Keating Foundation and launch a limited edition Skechers GOwalk shoe.

And Storm admitted Ronan, 37, got “emotional” after learning she was getting involved with the charity named after his mum who died of breast cancer in 1998 when she was just 51.

She said: “Ronan did get emotional. He was very proud to have the person that he loves beside him as he does something which is so close to his heart.

“But I was humbled to be asked to get involved because the Marie Keating Foundation to me is such an incredible cause. I find it inspiring to be able to stand beside the Keating family and do my bit against cancer.

“Myself and Ronan talk about Marie every single day. That’s one of the reasons why I am so humbled and proud to be standing here today. To be part of something like this makes me so proud.”


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