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Storm Uechtritz happy to let Ronan wear the trousers and just come along for the ride


Storm Uechtritz has told how she is adapting to life in the lime-light, and has to be told: “Don’t be too trusting”.

The Australian admitted that her boyfriend Ronan Keating is helping her find her feet with the fame that comes of being his partner.

She said: “Ronan has had 20 years of it, and I am new. I can be a bit too trusting and Ronan will pull me aside at times and go, ‘Just remember, don’t trust too easily’.”

And Storm insisted that she is happy to let him wear the Boyzone star pants in their relationship.

Boyzone in The O2

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She added: “I don’t tell him what do. It’s not the most entertaining role to take on, but when you love someone you do whatever it takes to make it all happen, make it all balances, and everyone happy.”

And Storm revealed she has even given up her work as a producer on the Oz X Factor to be with the Life Is A Rollercoaster singer.

Asked if she still works on the show, she told RSVP: “I can’t because it is a 10-month commitment when you are a producer.

“Whereas Ronan gets to fly in when all the hard work is done and everything is ready and then he flies out again, but I can’t do both.”

And Storm confirmed they have now sorted plans to return to Ireland next year to be closer to their kids.

Ronan Keating's 7th Emeralds Ivy Ball

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“We are planning to [return],” she said. “We are going to be in Ireland soon, well, the start of next year because we are away from the kids too much.”

Meanwhile Ronan admitted the only way he survives is because of Storm keeping him in check.

“I wouldn’t be able to do it without Storm, and I am not saying that because she is here. She guides me, she is my backbone,” he said.

“You need stability, support, love, responsibility, advice and someone to lean on and Storm is all of those things for me and also pulling everything together.

“Really, I wouldn’t get to see the kids half the time if Storm wasn’t arranging diaries and sorting things out for me and that is the truth.”