Stephanie Davis pays tribute to Shannen Reilly McGrath’s late boyfriend Dano Doyle

The reality star reportedly knew Dano through her ex-boyfriend Jeremy McConnell

Stephanie Davis paid tribute to Love Island star Shannon Reilly McGrath’s boyfriend Daniel ‘Dano’ Doyle – who died in hospital yesterday.

Dano, 31, who was serving a two-year sentence in Dublin’s Mountjoy prison, was found in his cell without a pulse on Friday, June 15, and was rushed to the Mater Hospital.

According to The Irish Sun, doctors managed to resuscitate him, but he died yesterday after being in a critical condition for over a week.

Following the news of his death, Stephanie posted an emotional tribute to Dano, in which she warned about the dangers of drugs.

It’s believed the former Hollyoaks star met Shannen and Dano through her ex Jeremy McConnell.

Stephanie wrote on Instagram, “Another life taken to drugs. No one should die that young.”

She continued, “I know how you wanted to change your life.. You were there for me in times of pain which I am forever thankful for… You were a good dad to your beautiful son…

“It saddens me to see you have gone. There needs to be more help with depression and addiction and people who need and want help.”

Stephanie knew Dano through her ex-boyfriend Jeremy McConnell | INSTAGRAM

The mother-of-one had originally posted the message on her Instagram story, but was forced to delete it after fans started questioning whether her ex Jeremy had died.

When a fan asked if the person she was talking about was Jeremy, Stephanie wrote back, “Clear it’s not about Jeremy as I said it was a friend and, he was a good dad – so clearly not him..”

After deleting her original post, Stephanie simply wrote, “Rest in Peace Pal,” alongside a love heart.

According to the Irish Sun, it’s suspected that Dano took drugs before he was found unresponsive in his cell on June 15. However, his cause of death has not yet been confirmed.

Dano, who had five-year-old son Cole from a previous relationship, was jailed back in February, after being caught with 446 MDMA tablets in November 2014.

According to reports, another Mountjoy inmate in a separate cell received medical treatment early on the same day, and an investigation has been launched.

Following his passing, Dano’s Love Island star girlfriend Shannen admitted to being “completely and utterly broken.”